Do you have co-sleeping problem with your cute baby and need a wonderful gadget which ensures safety for your baby? Then you can think of considering a snuggle nest. Snuggle nest will be perfect options for both co-sleeping and traveling purposes.

In addition, you can easily fold it in your way and their will be no hassle to move with it, because it has great portability facility. In a summary, it is a portable infant bed considered for a greater sense of security for both infants and parents as co-sleeping.

Snuggle Nests benefits mentioned here:

  • You will get a Powerful vented wall with soft cover and improved airflow facilities provided by mesh panels.
  • It will be appropriate for 0-4 month’s babies and you can easily use it until baby start to push up or rollover.
  • You can easily cut heat, because mesh liner provides softness.
  • Their will be no tension to check babies at night. The soft led light helps parents to check their babies in easy way.


snuggle nest reviews


Baby Delight Snuggle Nest

Your kids will get a soothing lullaby and womb sounds provided by among 5-level volume control. New comfort meshes liner giving some facilities to baby like smoothness, improved airflow and decreased heat buildup. You can check your baby easily with Soft LED nightlight at night.To increasing airflow there is a soft quilted cover available in Sturdy vented walls.

  • Price: $49.89
  • Ratings: 3.3
  • Color: Green/white

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Purchasing a Snuggle Nest

You can easily get snuggle nest from any baby shop but if you are busy and prefer a home delivery, Amazon is the best choice for you. Amazon provides products of wide ranges and you can easily make your choice by brand or by price.